I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1996. Initially, the symptoms were tiredness and an inability to concentrate but gradually it took away my ability to work and my body became stiff and painful. As a Christian, I believed in healing and my wife was told 3 times by the Lord that I would be healed. In 2005, I went forward at a Benny Hinn mission in Norwich and I came out pushing my wheelchair, though not completely free of symptoms.

In 2006, I had an operation called Deep Brain Stimulation to implant 2 electrodes in my brain to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s. I was still taking tablets every 3 hours and had a 24 hour pump which administered the synthetic dopamine my body needed to function. I was also having between 2 and 6 rescue injections a day to release my body from stiffness and pain.

In February 2017, the Healing Rooms Team from North Norfolk started to pray for me. They asked me about past traumas and prayed over them. There was also some deliverance ministry. Over the next year as the team prayed each month, the number of injections started to decrease from 61 a month to 0 a month in January 2018. I give God all the glory for His continuing healing and thanks to the Healing Rooms Team for their faithfulness and prayers.



My Story of Accelerated Healing!

24.2.18 I fall off a 12″ platform and fracture my arm in 5 places. Cardiff Healing Rooms pray for me immediately.

In order for Ray to teach in the afternoon, I lie in a darkened room. 8/10 pain. Nauseous. Even light touch on my arm not tolerated. I thank God anyway. He works good in all things.

I ask God “What’s the chink in my armour?” Multiple confessions ensue, but I remember having vowed to do my utmost never to go to hospital ever again and this is a classic ‘unholy vow’. In who’s strength? Mine or God’s?

1 1/2 hours later something amazing happens: fear, shock and trauma leave me and seemingly fly out the window. I rise, eat, draw back the curtains and hug many people without inducing pain, even when they squeeze and pat my arm.

27.2.18 Fracture clinic: the doctor says I couldn’t have done a worse job and that it’s unlikely I’ll ever be able to lift my arm above my head again. We tell her we believe in a God who heals.

6.3.18 Fear starts to return, as we navigate crowded airports and the plane to Malta.

8.3.18 Malta Healing Rooms pray off fear, shock and trauma.

9.3.18 I manage to raise my arm above shoulder height, with much glee and praising God.

14.3.18 Fracture Clinic. Doc says prayer is working. Every day I can do something I couldn’t do yesterday. My healing is accelerated.

20.3.18 Physio: “What can you do?” He asks. “It’s quicker if I tell you what I can’t do”, promptly raising my arms above my head. “But can you put your arms behind your back?” “Easy!” I say showing him. “That’s amazing!” He says. “That’s God!”

11.4.18 Radiographer: “I don’t know how far you can raise your arm for this X-Ray.” “Really high actually!” “You’re having us all on!” She laughs when she sees my arm right above my head. “God has healed me.” “Now He needs to heal the whole world” she says. “That’s the plan!”

I show Doc that there’s a little bit of movement in arm raising that I still can’t do. “No, I believe you will be able to do it. Your progress is phenomenal. Most people at this stage can hardly lift above waist level. It’s amazing what a positive attitude can do.” “No! People prayed for me and the pain left. Healing comes quickly when there’s no pain!” She nods her head and then shakes my hand, discharging me from care.

A post script about Harry Potter. 

I have loved HP. My children love HP. I have taught on HP at university. I can tell you all the good things about HP. But a week before I broke my arm, I learnt an awful lot about real witches. They really love HP and Rick Joyner, in ‘The Final Quest’ mentions the ability of evil to baptise the masses through movies and other media. It was on the day of the fracture, in the dark going downstairs in the early hours, that the door to the ‘cupboard under the stairs’ flew open and a cardboard box flew out; one of a number of psychic happenings, but a quite obvious nod to HP. After all that’s happened, do I choose HP or God? Well, I don’t fancy another fracture. So I choose God’s School of Supernatural Life. Bye Bye Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.



Email from AJ:

Hi This is AJ

When we visited Norfolk the other week and met you at the meeting, a man called out those with bad backs.  He really prayed for me but I didn’t feel anything. A couple of days later, my mid back, which has been a real problem to me for over 20 years started to feel stronger.

I usually go to the physio therapists once a month for treatment but couldn’t go.  When I did manage to go to her, she started to work on the troubled area of my back. She said, “what have you been doing?  I cant find the tension and thickening and the stiffness in your middle back.  This is really unusual as you have missed your appointments!”  I also noticed that there wasn’t any pain when she massaged that area of my back.   Usually, if I miss an appointment, I go into spasm and cant work!

I told her about Jesus and the healing meeting.  She said, “well, if he’s got it, then take it.”

God is good x


30th June 2017


Text from R regarding prostate cancer: A little word of encouragement to you, Ruth and all the team. I had my 3 monthly visit to oncologist and she has decided not to put me on stronger drugs as expected because my stats have remarkably stabilised! Thank you so much for all your prayers. I would love to come again to your HR in the not too distant future, if I may? All good wishes and blessings.

Ray and Ruth, quick update for you. MRI scan last week showed 50% reduction in tumours! Thank you to all praying friends, and glory to God.

June/July 2016


At the end of this teaching day on 23rd October 2016, Ray Scory asked for a volunteer to be prayed for, so that those involved in Healing Rooms could demonstrate how they minister to people – the protocols they use, etc. I volunteered because I have a lower back problem. I have had this for almost a year now and have a dull ache all the time. Also, if I sit badly or lay in a wrong position at night, I experience excrutiating pain temporarily.

I was asked to stand whilst Ray, Ruth and two others prayed together, seeking direction from G-d. One thought it was stress related and asked if I was suffering from stress. I said “Yes!” Another asked if I had experienced a fall in the past. I replied that I had not, although once home I remembered two incidents years ago. They each then prayed for me in turn for my healing. Afterwards Ray prayed for the L-rd to fill me with “good things”, having prayed for my release from all the negatives.

As he did this my back relaxed and I grew taller … 3 times! It felt rather odd, although I was very peaceful. This was witnessed by one of the ladies praying for me. The constant pain disappeared immediately and has never returned. I still experienced slight problems at night but a physiotherapist said my back is weak and needs strengthening. Gradually, with exercise, my back has steadily improved, and the constant pain never returned.

Praise G-d, He healed me.

D.R. 30.12.2015


Whilst visiting the Norfolk Healing Rooms in support of a young lad who was having ‘hands on’ prayer for healing, I was asked if I too had need for prayer, to which I replied “no thanks”. But a few moments later I retracted and said I did, that my left eyes sight was failing(about 5-10% sight), whereby I was invited to follow on the lad and also have ‘hands on’ prayer. This took place and, a very pleasant few minutes followed. The outcome of this was that my sight was almost restored (now 90%), immediately. Glory be to our blessed Lord. In closing my testimony I must say that since becoming a Christian I have a strong faith which is something I am always stressing when talking about healing. I also believe that sowing seed on good ground is also very necessary. May the Lord bless all who might read my testimony. J.C. 08/02/08


Initially I was diagnosed with depression in April 2002 but even with medication there was no sign of improvement and in June 2003 I had to give up my job. However, it wasn’t until April 2004 that the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Otherwise known as M.E.) was officially diagnosed, although my G.P. had suspected it in 2003 and it was confirmed that I had had it for at least two years possibly longer. It was a relief that I wasn’t going mad, that it was not in my imagination but it was real. CFS or ME is a debilitating illness that leaves you constantly exhausted and unable to do the most basic of things like having a conversation with someone, doing housework, cooking a family meal, socialising with family/church family or friends. Sadly, it was made worse that no-one tried to understand how I felt or offered help of any kind (apart from my husband and immediate family).
I felt alienated because I was treated as a “mental health case” and no-one, it seemed, knew how to deal with me. Despite all of this I knew it was all a part of God’s plan for me that He needed to take me away from things so that He could teach me new things and that when the time was right He would bring healing. Then in 2006 a friend mentioned the possibility of going to the Healing Rooms for prayer ministry. To begin with I was unsure that this was the right way for me but prayed about it and asked God to provide the right opportunity if this was what He wanted. Thus on 19th October 2006 I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer ministry and God healed the ME. At last I was free from the restrictive bonds of the illness. Up to that point, I had needed to walk with the aid of a walking stick and from that night on I no longer needed it.


Just [a card] to say thank you for the Prayer Cloth and for the prayers and love within it. As I held the cloth I was aware of God’s love and a wonderful feeling of peace. As I continued to use the cloth I knew God’s healing hand was upon me. My foot is healing nicely. I have been discharged from the fracture clinic and am having physio. [My husband] has been blessed with added strength to cope with the extra work in looking after me. M & C


The Prayer Cloth – what can I say? This was something completely new to me and, although new to me, I still received it and willingly placed it into my husband’s pillow case.

A few weeks passed and I became more and more aware that I was telling God that to sit together in church with my husband was such a strong desire building up within me that I was prepared to give up where I was attending if it was His will for it to happen. To give up on what I was comfortable with, to allow my husband the chance of hearing about him and getting to know that God loved him. I came to repent on how selfish I had become, coaxing or manipulating my husband on several occasions to accompany me. My will was preventing God’s work; it was quite a shock, it was as if I had had a sudden growth of maturity, I was being led gently into a new awareness of how God does the work, that to pray was fine but to learn to let go and trust Him needed to happen first, that my heart needed to be in tune with His. This realisation was so liberating. I was being prepared, for almost immediately my husband suddenly told me he thought he would like to give church another go, his words not mine, and suggested a place to go. Now, a few months on we are still worshipping together, having laid down my own will, and my husband has shared that he misses the fellowship when I am unable to take him. After thirty three years of interceding and almost giving up on him, God has heard my groaning’s and is allowing us to receive His blessings together as a couple. Not only do I sense a releasing from a bondage I had created to see my husband saved, I feel cherished and snug in a new relationship with him, and strangely enough we are both, for once, equal to each other in Christ, just as it should be! God has come to heal the nations now is the time to heed His voice. This is how it happened to us; others will have their own testimonies. Notice God dealt with me first, then the other followed.

[All testimonies are held on file; names may be omitted to maintain confidentiality]

There are many more healings that we could share here and we are in the process of updating our website and obtaining current testimonies on healing.